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A Bike to Ride: Bajaj V15

Having your own personal vehicle means freedom to travel wherever you want, whenever you want. My first ever vehicle purchase was the Bajaj V15 motorbike back in December 2017. I bought this bike with my earnings at my first job. Bajaj V15 was the cheapest yet most unique motorbike at the time and I was absolutely crazy about buying this bike even though I barely had any experience riding a motorbike, let alone handling the clutch system found in motorbikes.

Though it is now more than 3 years since owning this bike, it has traveled only 4,900 something kilometers. This is due to combination of various facts:

  • Not enough time for long travels.
  • Humid weather and crazy traffic in roads here.
  • The bike is not made for long rides. Its cruising speed is only 65 km/hr.

After I moved to Bangalore in December 2019, the bike was left unused till December 2020! The engine was dead and I even considered about writing off the purchase and scrapping the bike. But I eventually got it repaired last month and that was a good decision.

The bike is now back alive like it is brand new. I went on a few rides since then. Here are some of my favorite photos of my bike.

Here’s a recent video when I rode my Bajaj V15:

The Bajaj V15 is no longer in production. It is sad to hear that the bike went out of production within 4 years.

I’m thinking of buying a new bike these days. There’s lots of noise in the adventure motorbike segment in the Indian market these days. However, I’m planning on some international travels in the coming months, and based on my past experience, it would not be wise to buy a new bike only to keep it covered and unused at home – potentially damaging it.

Anyways, I’m quite happy with the bike of mine. For me, this bike is not really a necessity. It is more of a symbolic item. It is my first vehicle purchase. It currently represents my dreams of travel and exploration. And it will continue to be till it is.

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