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How I Spent My 24-hour Transit Layover in Abu Dhabi, UAE

Welcome back to another travel adventure! This time, my first travel stop is Abu Dhabi, and that too, for just 24 hours. I decided to explore some of the most luxurious places in Abu Dhabi, such as the Emirates Palace, Qasr Al Watan Palace, and the Grand Sheikh Zayed Mosque.

As usual, I was traveling with my 45-liter backpack with only the most essential things. For this journey, my first flight is to Abu Dhabi and I had a long 30-hour layover there. Thankfully, Abu Dhabi offers a free 48-hour transit visa that allows us to go out of the airport. So, I decided to make use of this opportunity to explore Abu Dhabi.

So, my first flight was from Kochi to Abu Dhabi on Indigo Airlines. The flight departed at late night 11 and I arrived in Abu Dhabi at 1:45 in the morning. My next flight was Wizz Air at 6:00 AM next day. So, I had over 24 hours to spend in Abu Dhabi.

After arriving in Abu Dhabi, I just knew that I should go out and explore Abu Dhabi in the morning. Anyways, I grabbed a taxi, went down to the city, and checked into a random hotel that I found to get some sleep. Good morning from Abu Dhabi. I had a fine sleep. Now, let’s go out and explore Abu Dhabi. After barely about three hours of sleep, it was already morning and I went out to start my exploring.

My first destination was the Emirates Heritage Museum. It is a small artificial village showcasing the traditional way of life and crafts in the deserts of UAE. The entrance to this museum is free. The museum opens at 9 00 in the morning. I arrived as early as possible, hoping to explore before it gets too hot. But it was already too hot by nine in the morning, and I was the only visitor at that time. Despite that, I continued exploring. Overall, this was a pretty average destination in my opinion. Maybe, if I visited this museum in the evening when it is cooler, I might have a better impression of this place.

After that, I moved on to the next destination – Emirates Palace. It is basically a hotel, but a very luxurious hotel. I can’t afford to stay in this hotel, but fortunately, low socio-economic patients like me are allowed to just walk around some parts of this hotel and check out its luxury for free

The hotel is nothing short of amazing. Your eyes might turn golden after spending some time there. So, be careful. Overall, I think it is a fun place to check out while in Abu Dhabi.

if you think Emirates Palace was quite luxurious, just wait till you see my next destination – Qasr Al Watan Palace. It is located near to the Emirates Palace. The entry fee is 65 dirhams. You are taken in a bus to the palace after some security checks.

Qasr Al Watan is the presidential palace of UAE. it was opened to the public in 2019.

The palace looks very grand. Right away, as I entered the palace, I was mind blown. The interior of the palace is very sparkling. It looks as if the interior is decorated with diamonds. I’m gonna shut up now roll in some background music and let us enjoy this view together.

Before it was time to leave, I had an idea to check out the toilet of this palace. Though I couldn’t get access to the President’s toilet, I found the public toilet, and yeah, as expected it looks golden and luxurious.

.I definitely recommend visiting this place once. It cost me 65 dirhams but I would say it is one of the best visit, must-visit places here in Abu Dhabi. I have no words to describe this palace. You have to really come and see it in real to understand the scale of the luxuriousness of this palace. I am pretty sure that this is the richest place I have ever stepped in so far. I had a great time walking around here and I wouldn’t mind visiting this place again it is definitely worth it.

Stay tuned to read more about my travels!

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