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My American AirBnb Experience in a Wooden House

I knew USA was expensive – but for me, it was even more expensive as an unemployed guy back in 2018. If I were to explore around Los Angeles as I wished, I had to find a good and affordable accommodation first. In this post, I will share my memories and experience of my accommodation in Los Angeles.

After getting tired of reading about bed bugs and sub standard motels and hotels in and around Los Angeles Downtown, I decided to try my luck with Airbnb. It was not easy to find a good accommodation through Airbnb either. The first booking I made at an affordable Airbnb stay that was near to downtown got cancelled for some reason few weeks before my trip to USA. Eventually, I ended up booking another Airbnb near Valley Glen. The nearest metro station – North Hollywood, was a couple of kilometers away from the Airbnb house. But it was manageable since there was a bus stop nearby with bus scheduled every 30 mins that can take to the metro station.

Reaching The Airbnb House

The Greyhound bus ride from San Jose to Los Angeles was everything I never imaged it would be for a bus ride in the US – it was smelly, the seat was uncomfortable, and it was so chilly as well. I had much better long distance bus rides with more luxury at more affordable price in India.

Anyhow, as we got closer to Los Angeles, the rays of better times started to shine over the horizon.

Once we reached Los Angeles Downtown, the next hurdle was getting to Valley Glen. My friend insisted on taking Uber while I thought it was easier and more affordable to take the subway from Downtown to North Hollywood and then taking a bus. I found my pre-travel research that LA Metro pass was a good deal which can be used on buses as well.

Eventually, I gave in and we booked an Uber. But the ride was just confusing! I’m not sure what happened, but the Uber kept going around the same block and eventually we ended the ride at the same spot where we started – which was near a subway station.

Now it was time to give my idea a try and we went to the subway station. I bought the Metro pass card right away from the automated machine which would avoid me having to reach for cash for a ride in subway or bus. Long story short, we eventually reached our Airbnb House! Yay!

The Airbnb House

Our Airbnb house was pretty little white house under the shade of the neighbour’s orange tree. There was also a small garage next to it.

We had a fairly good idea of what to expect in the house from Airbnb description. However, being greeted by two awesome fluffy cats jumping onto us was not one of them – that was a nice surprise! The house owner was very friendly and showed us our room.

One of the cat…. the other cat was camera-shy.

The cats also followed us into the room and made sure to get petted by us before we could finally take some rest.

The room was pretty good. It had a nice carpeting that kept the feet warm in chilly Los Angeles climate. There was a window that gave a peek into the backyard of the house.

This was my first time staying in a proper wooden built house. The only thing that concerned me in the house was the loud thump and vibrations when somebody walked in the house – it was not a big deal though, it’s a proper wooden house after all!

Those shelves had stories to tell..

The house had a really beautiful space with two shelves on both sides. From the items that were in display in the shelf, I learned how much this family cared about their pets.

The house was probably only 25% of the size of the house in which I live in India. However, this house had much more beauty and life in it.

View from the porch

My stay in this little house was one of my favorite experience in Los Angeles. If I visit Los Angeles again ( hopefully in 2021 ), I will definitely see if I can stay there again for the sake of nostalgia. I also wonder how the cats and the family are doing there.

Do you have a favorite Airbnb?… 🙂

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